Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset

HMD Name: Gear VR Innovator Edition for Note 4
Designer: Samsung/Oculus
Estimated price $199
Display type: Super AMOLED (From Galaxy Note 4)
Resolution: 1280×1440 per eye (based on Galaxy Note 4)
Field of view: 96 degrees
Head tracking: Yes, phone dependent
Eye Tracking: No
Audio: None (Own headphones)
Refresh rate: 90Hz
Latency: 20ms
Optics: IPD of 55-71mm, near- and far- sighted adjustment.
Inputs: Phone dependent
Type: Smartphone HMD shell

The Gear VR is a headset from Samsung and Oculus, designed specifically for use alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. In this way, it is somewhat comparable to the DIY Google Cardboard and many other mobile HMD mounts on the market. What sets the Gear VR apart, however, is that it was designed to provide a cohesive experience for one particular phone.

Add this to the fact that the Gear VR was designed and developed in collaboration with Oculus, one of the major players in virtual reality at the moment, and it becomes clear that this particular HMD is not just another smartphone holder.

This HMD connects to the Galaxy Note 4 via MicroUSB in order to integrate its own hardware with that of the phone. The Gear VR contains its own custom inertial measurement unit (IMU) for rotational tracking, which has been calibrated specifically for the Gear, and allows for a much smoother experience compared to the one offered by phone’s internal IMU. It also integrates external touch controls and other dedicated buttons, so there is no need for the workarounds required by the Google Cardboard-type HMDs. Samsung also offers a gamepad add-on, which is compatible with a wide range of apps designed specifically for the Gear VR.

So, as far as HMD mounts for smartphones go, the Gear VR is certainly one of the most notable examples currently on the market. It’s made from durable materials, it has a great aesthetic, and, as HMDs go, it’s a neat and tidy-looking headset. For people who already own a Note 4, this is without a doubt the only HMD mount to consider. There is also a version of the Gear that is handily compatible with other Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S6 and S6+.

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