Virtual Reality Workbenches

Workbench display is a system of display that few VR researchers think is the only logically related object to virtual environments.  During the 1990s, Larry Rosenbaum, the Computer Science Liaison Scientists at the Office of Naval Research formed a group of Navy VR engineers in the production of a huge display monitor that allowed various users to watch it at the same time. Users can see the display horizontally or vertically just like a bench or table.

The users were given specially designed set of glasses or goggles. They wore them while looking at the workbench. This is similar to the CAVE system. Multiple users can view the same range that is being projected. There is the usage of stereoscopic projection. Hence when the lens of the goggles shutter al images that the user see essentially appears to be three dimensional.

However the VR researchers are of the opinion that the workbench is not essentially a true representation of producing a simulation. The reason is the less presence of the element of immersion. The goggles that the user wears do not cover the field of vision. Hence at the back of his mind he stays alert of his real world. The sense of being a part of a virtual environment ceases to stimulate the user. When even for once he looks further away from the display then he will see the real life room. However it’s proven that these workbench displays are useful.

In medical training also workbench display is used. A surgeon can practice a surgery procedure on a virtual patient on a three dimensional room and fake medical stuff. The surgeon can’t use an HMd and do a surgery operation. The characters around them are just computer avatars representing humans and are under computer control. But with workbench controls the interaction with the people done is more natural and real.

These workbench displays are also for military. Realistic and 3D representations of battlefields are created and this helps the soldiers to practice in the Warfield without any risks. Other applications which use workbench displays are visualization of research conducted scientifically or research and development on product.

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