Flight Simulators

Military vehicle simulations are one of the most successful implementation of the VR technology. Sophisticated computer models are called simulators. They are a duplicate or a replica of the vehicle. They behave exactly with as much efficiency as a vehicle does. But it works in a controlled environment. So in short it’s much safer.

Flight simulators are the most popular amongst all simulators. Pilots are trained using this technology by the Air Force, Army and Navy. Training missions teach the soldiers how to fly in battle, how face and emergency and recover fast, or how to coordinate air support with ground operations.

The hardware manufactures include not only military but third party sellers as well. So the make are different. These flight simulators hence vary a lot from each other. But a situation of difficulty arises whenever there is a need to link the systems together. For multiple points the virtually created enemies will never appear at the same position in space.  Nowadays there is a great pressure to create better networks inside simulations so training missions are well coordinated.

However all flight simulator have been manufactured keeping in mind a basic setup. The simulator is attached on top of either an electronic motion base or a hydraulic lift system. This reacts to user input and events within the simulation. When the pilot steers the aircraft, the module he sits in twists and tilts, giving the user haptic feedback. Haptic mostly means sense of touch. Hence the haptic system is one that gives the user feedback he can feel. A joystick is an example of such a system.

Many flight simulators have an enclosed model. Many are a bit different that contains a series of computer monitors that are arranged in such a way that the pilot’s field of view is covered. The simulators are created keeping a lot of things in mind. They are exactly looking the same way as it would be in a real life aircraft. The controls and layout will be in the same place as in a simulator. However a particular simulator cannot represent so many models of aircrafts because there are fine difference sin all the models. However is the air force training centre is powerful enough it can invest a lot into multiple simulators. Centers that cannot invest much stick to a single simulator.

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