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Battlefield visualization is another application that uses virtual environments. When a person determines the strategies to combat their enemies in a real life then this kind of battlefield visualization is necessary. It is one of the key elements in the training module. Commanding officers has developed a regimen that includes this. The commanders can assess and foresee their options before taking their decisions. These can be an advantage in the soldier’s way.

Google Earth and Sketch Up are applications that make three dimensional maps easily and in a very cost effective way. The military officials can explore the three dimensional view of an area and view it in from every angle. They can also formulate different strategies and looks for probable future logistical problems.

The military also explored a display technology using virtual reality technology for battlefield visualization. The viewer uses a pair of special goggles. These goggles have been designed especially. These goggles create an illusion of depth. The images that get displayed appear to be three dimensional.  Many users can wear this sitting together. Since they all will be asked to wear these special goggles.

These days the personal computers and graphic cards has become very powerful using the latest of technologies. A highly powered technically strong laptop can make much use of Virtual reality and fulfill much needs of visualization for the military. But the level of immersion of the user may vary. Cause viewing through a powerful virtual reality system and viewing through a personal computer makes some huge differences in the mind of the user. The military has adapted too many software’s commercially used.  Computers are however much less expensive and easy to network.

For emergency cases also the military uses virtual environments. Say for example The Navy Research Laboratory has the Virtual Environment Training Technology program. Sailors using this training process are trained to learn how to deal with shipboard files using a virtual environment. However this program is still under validation process and Navy officers have a hope that in the near future sailors will be guided and trained about the dangerous techniques in a very risk and safe environment.

Virtual Reality is also used in the medicine world.  Prototype surgical methods are done using VR as a simulated medical surgery. The earliest usage of simulators was in late 1920 and 1930 when the Link Company used them in flight trainers. These sessions were very effective in training the pilots. Thousands of pilots learn how to fly at night using these simulators. These were needed during World War II. Military wanted to explore Telepresence in their work because of some reasons. The two reasons were to reduce exposing their soldiers to hazards and to increase stealth. Combat operations are very stressful and hazardous. They can even be more dangerous of the soldiers try to improve.

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