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How to Improve Your Quest 2 Performance: Maintenance and Care

Virtual reality tech has come a long way in the last few years, and exciting innovations are on the horizon – but why wait when you can buy Meta’s current flagship VR headset; the Quest 2. If you’re new to VR and have recently bought a headset you may have come across a few glitches … Continue reading How to Improve Your Quest 2 Performance: Maintenance and Care

23rd May 2022

Google Buys MicroLED Startup Raxium as Part of AR Strategy

This week, Google announced the acquisition of Raxium, a company that works with microLED display technology in both virtual and augmented reality headsets. In a blog post announcing the purchase, senior vice president Rick Osterloh said that Raxium’s expertise will play a key role as Google continues to invest in hardware efforts. But what can … Continue reading Google Buys MicroLED Startup Raxium as Part of AR Strategy

10th May 2022

Meta: Four New VR Headsets in the Pipeline

In Meta’s ongoing mission for metaverse dominance, the company is reported to be working on four new headsets which will be released between now and 2024.  According to a report in The Information, Meta’s plans are to release two models of a high-end headset called ‘Project Cambria’, and a further two Quest headsets. All of … Continue reading Meta: Four New VR Headsets in the Pipeline

9th May 2022

Meta Opens First VR Store in the Physical World

Meta has announced the opening of its first retail outlet. Set to open its doors on the 9th of May, the retail store will be based at Meta’s Burlingame campus in California. Shoppers will be able to pick up products such as Quest 2, Meta’s Portal device, and Ray-Ban Stories sunglasses. With interactive demonstrations of … Continue reading Meta Opens First VR Store in the Physical World

26th April 2022

Epic Raises $2 Billion In Metaverse Investment

It barely feels like a day goes by without another tech company securing vast amounts of investment for their metaverse efforts. Recently, the developers of Fortnite and the Unreal Engine, Epic Games announced it’s raised a further $2 billion to realise their metaverse goals. This comes just under a year after the company raised $1 … Continue reading Epic Raises $2 Billion In Metaverse Investment

21st April 2022

Meta Monetises Horizon Worlds

This week, Meta announced the testing of two creator features that allow metaverse monetisation in its Horizon Worlds platform. The features will let creators sell virtual items in their own custom world and earn bonuses based on their progress toward certain predetermined goals.  These innovations pave the way for Meta’s future metaverse economy. But what … Continue reading Meta Monetises Horizon Worlds

13th April 2022

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Oculus Quest 2

If you’ve heard the hype about the forthcoming metaverse and have decided you want in on the action early, you may have decided to go for the popular VR headset, Oculus Quest 2 from Meta. Before you launch yourself into this new digital frontier, there are a few things you need to know so you … Continue reading 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Oculus Quest 2

6th April 2022

Osso VR: Revolutionising Surgical Training

As VR technology develops, so too do the potential applications for various industries. One such sector where VR shows great promise is medicine and healthcare. Using VR hardware, it is possible to safely train surgeons, improve the skills of existing practitioners, and showcase new procedures. Pioneering surgical training company, Osso VR has recently announced that … Continue reading Osso VR: Revolutionising Surgical Training

31st March 2022

Qualcomm Invests $100 Million Into Metaverse Development

Smartphone and VR processor makers, Qualcomm, have revealed they’re setting up a new $100 million Snapdragon Metaverse Fund. The money in this fund will be used by companies and developers working in XR to develop the metaverse. The fund was announced at the GDC, and is designed to be used for XR experiences that are … Continue reading Qualcomm Invests $100 Million Into Metaverse Development

22nd March 2022

Virtual Reality: what is it and why is it important to know about?

Virtual reality is essentially the use of technology to create the illusion of presence in an environment that isn’t really there. It works by sending information to various senses, such as sight and hearing, that fool our brains into experiencing something virtual. The illusion is often completed by the presence of interactivity, in other words the virtual world responds in some way to your presence.

Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

Pros and cons of virtual reality

We have series of articles about the various applications of this technology and the equipment used, for example, VR glasses (or goggles as they are sometimes called).

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