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What’s Going on With Windows VR Headset Availability?

We’ve been pretty impressed with the Windows Mixed Reality platform. From the affordable, capable hardware to excellent software support in both gaming and non-gaming apps. The solid inside-out tracking alone was worth taking an interest in the system and the included motion controllers provide one of the best VR experiences yet. It seems like a … Continue reading What’s Going on With Windows VR Headset Availability?

6th August 2019

Say Hello to Amazon Prime VR

Does anyone remember the Netflix VR app? Those of us who tried it mostly liked it. It put you in a nice upmarket apartment in front of a home theatre system and let you watch your fave shows in peace. So whether on public transport or at your own, less fancy home, you could have … Continue reading Say Hello to Amazon Prime VR

5th August 2019

What Can We Expect from PSVR 2?

Who could have predicted that the most affordable and therefore most popular form of premium tethered VR would come from a console maker? It would have seemed crazy when we were still shaking our fists at the minimum PC specs for the Oculus Rift a few years ago. And yet, here we are. Sony’s PS4 … Continue reading What Can We Expect from PSVR 2?

2nd August 2019

Apple Files Mixed Reality Headset Patent

With iPhone sales dropping faster than ever it makes sense that one one of the most valuable tech companies in the world is looking to expand its product line once again. Apple is no stranger to turning itself around. Under Steve Jobs (for the second time) it went from a failing computer company to one … Continue reading Apple Files Mixed Reality Headset Patent

1st August 2019

What We Know About the Valve Index

It’s raining VR headsets these days and the big players are pushing out products in both old and new product segments. Valve is of course famous for its collaboration with HTC and the Vive. The two companies worked together to develop some pretty amazing technology, including the first practical commercial room-scale VR system. While we … Continue reading What We Know About the Valve Index

10th June 2019

Google is Killing off Jump VR Video

Video designed for consumption on VR headsets certainly stretch the definition of what counts as “VR”, but it’s still pretty neat use of the technology. It’s also one of the easiest types of content to create for VR headsets, if you have the right equipment and talent. These days, you can buy a consumer-grade 360 … Continue reading Google is Killing off Jump VR Video

7th June 2019

The Vive Cosmos is Coming Soon

There are a lot of new headsets coming to market, but it feels like the focus is now largely on standalone mobile headsets like the Oculus Quest. That doesn’t mean premium headsets aren’t receiving any love. In fact, there are some amazing things on the horizon, with the new Vive Cosmos teasing that it might … Continue reading The Vive Cosmos is Coming Soon

5th June 2019

The Oculus Quest Lineup Has Over 50 Confirmed Games

On the 21st of May, the Oculus Quest finally released to the public. It’s a standalone, gaming focused system priced at $399 or $499 depending on the storage capacity you opt for. That puts it in the same price range as a modern console. That’s good, because the best way to think of the Quest … Continue reading The Oculus Quest Lineup Has Over 50 Confirmed Games

3rd June 2019

It Seems the PS5 Will be Backwards Compatible with PSVR

The PS4 has represented a real triumph for Sony. It’s hit nearly 100 million units sold over its lifetime and solidly put Microsoft back in its place, after the PS3 got smacked around a bit in the previous generation. By sticking with their core gamer audience and being surprisingly pro-consumer,at least for Sony, there’s plenty … Continue reading It Seems the PS5 Will be Backwards Compatible with PSVR

1st May 2019

Virtual Reality: what is it and why is it important to know about?

Virtual reality is essentially the use of technology to create the illusion of presence in an environment that isn’t really there. It works by sending information to various senses, such as sight and hearing, that fool our brains into experiencing something virtual. The illusion is often completed by the presence of interactivity, in other words the virtual world responds in some way to your presence.

Virtual Reality

Where to go from here?

If you are new to virtual reality (or just want a refresher) we suggest you start with our What is virtual reality?section for a more in-depth discussion of the topic. We look at practical examples and discuss the core technologies in a clear and simple way. Providing a solid foundation for further reading.

Virtual Reality

Pros and cons of virtual reality

We have series of articles about the various applications of this technology and the equipment used, for example, VR glasses (or goggles as they are sometimes called).

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