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Oculus Home Gets Even Homier

User interfaces in VR face their own set of challenges other media don’t. You aren’t just responsible for designing the on-screen UI elements. You literally have to design the user’s entire virtual environment. I guess that’s one of the reasons the concept of a literal home is used so often. Oculus, Netflix and Microsoft all … Continue reading Oculus Home Gets Even Homier

3rd July 2018
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Valve Rethinks its VR Controller with Knuckles EV2

There’s still a long way to go until we reach any sort of plateau in VR headset development, it’s true. However. I feel comfortable in saying that current-generation HMDs have reached the “good enough” phase of the technology. From here on it’s about providing better and better specs, not about completely reinventing HMDs. At least … Continue reading Valve Rethinks its VR Controller with Knuckles EV2

2nd July 2018
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Who Needs Reality? ANTVR Tests AR Girlfriend for MIX Glasses

The potential of VR and AR to bring us both entertaining and useful experiences is almost limitless. From exciting adventures in space to learning how to perform life-saving brain surgery, there’s a lot to look forward to. Then there are the types of experiences that are, well, less pure in their intentions.”VR” video has already … Continue reading Who Needs Reality? ANTVR Tests AR Girlfriend for MIX Glasses

2nd July 2018

John Carmack Reveals 5K VR Video

Despite smartphone screens reaching ludicrous resolutions and fantastic specifications, there are very few 3D-rendered applications that can take advantage of it. So most 3D games and other real-time 3D applications are produced at a lower resolution and then scaled up to the native resolution of the screen. Even then, the absolute rendering ability of top-class … Continue reading John Carmack Reveals 5K VR Video

29th June 2018
Editorial credit: Irina Klyuchnikova / Shutterstock.com

Interesting Titles for PSVR Revealed at E3

The PSVR might not have sold more than a fraction of the units that the PS4 it goes with has, but there are still a lot of these console VR headsets out in the wild. People must be buying the games too, because AAA and indie titles keep coming out for the platform. Exclusive games … Continue reading Interesting Titles for PSVR Revealed at E3

28th June 2018
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LEAP Motion Impresses with Amazing AR Table Tennis Demo and Headset

There are few things I admire as much as much as a company that can pivot with the blows of market changes. Apple is probably the best example. They went from making desktop computers to being one of the most popular smartphone makers in the world. This is a feat companies like HP and IBM … Continue reading LEAP Motion Impresses with Amazing AR Table Tennis Demo and Headset

27th June 2018
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Gear VR to Become “Galaxy VR”?

The Samsung Gear VR products are probably the best and most successful series of mobile VR headsets on the market today. If you ignore HMDs with narrow appeal, such as single-model Google Daydream units, then there’s not much competition. Working with Oculus, Samsung was able to create something that was elegant, easy to use and … Continue reading Gear VR to Become “Galaxy VR”?

26th June 2018

Researchers Show How VR Helps Kids Get Over Needles

I really hate needles and I always have. My school used to hand out free vaccinations. Ones my parents still believe that I actually got to this day. I don’t know if some other kid got an extra dose, but I slipped by those needle-wielding harpies every time. Now as an adult I can more … Continue reading Researchers Show How VR Helps Kids Get Over Needles

25th June 2018
Editorial credit: Pe3k / Shutterstock.com

Oh No They Didn’t! Microsoft Reverses Xbox One X VR Plans

Has the Sony PSVR been a success? That depends on how you look at it. More than 100 million PS4 consoles have been sold at this point and about a million PSVR units to go with them. That’s a small percentage, but in absolute terms that’s still an install base of respectable. At the same … Continue reading Oh No They Didn’t! Microsoft Reverses Xbox One X VR Plans

22nd June 2018

Virtual Reality: what is it and why is it important to know about?

Virtual reality is essentially the use of technology to create the illusion of presence in an environment that isn’t really there. It works by sending information to various senses, such as sight and hearing, that fool our brains into experiencing something virtual. The illusion is often completed by the presence of interactivity, in other words the virtual world responds in some way to your presence.

Virtual Reality

Where to go from here?

If you are new to virtual reality (or just want a refresher) we suggest you start with our What is virtual reality?section for a more in-depth discussion of the topic. We look at practical examples and discuss the core technologies in a clear and simple way. Providing a solid foundation for further reading.

Virtual Reality

Pros and cons of virtual reality

We have series of articles about the various applications of this technology and the equipment used, for example, VR glasses (or goggles as they are sometimes called).

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