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Mozilla Launches a VR Browser

I associate VR with a lot of use cases, but web browsing isn’t always one that comes immediately to mind. Of course growing up a lot of cyberpunk literature described browsing the web as something done in fully-immersive virtual worlds. When I finally did get a dial-up modem it was less Johnny Mnemonic and more waiting … Continue reading Mozilla Launches a VR Browser

22nd October 2018

The Oculus Quest Could Give VR the Boost it Needs

Despite what the usual negative people have to say about it, it’s clear to anyone with eyes that VR technology has finally reached the point where it is ready for prime time. Market uptake has however been slower than one would like. A lot of this has to do with the cost of VR, especially … Continue reading The Oculus Quest Could Give VR the Boost it Needs

19th October 2018

Valve’s Latest Knuckles EV3 Controllers Revealed

It wasn’t too long ago that we reported on the EV2 revision of Valve’s VR motion controllers, but it seems the company has not been resting on its laurels after the last round of improvements. In a Steam Community blog post the team provided all the details we need to know about their work. The … Continue reading Valve’s Latest Knuckles EV3 Controllers Revealed

19th October 2018

VR Game Wrench Teaches Car Mechanics without All the Oil

I’ve never thought of working on a car’s engine as “fun”, but there are plenty of people who really love getting their hands oily over the weekends. Just because you’re too delicate to swing a wrench for real, doesn’t mean cars and their mechanical principles aren’t interesting. So if you’re not too keen on physical … Continue reading VR Game Wrench Teaches Car Mechanics without All the Oil

27th September 2018

AR Technology Helps Plane Passengers Get Their Luggage in Order

The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have announced an iOS AR app to help passengers make sure their hand luggage is the right size. This might sound like a first-world problem, but it’s actually a real issue for passengers. Our ability to fly using aircraft is without a doubt one of the greatest achievements in human … Continue reading AR Technology Helps Plane Passengers Get Their Luggage in Order

26th September 2018

iOS 12 and New iPhone Hardware Bring a Boost to Mobile AR

While hardcore Apple fans stayed up to see the livestream of their latest product reveal event, I was sleeping soundly. Knowing well that I would wake up refreshed and simple read about whatever fresh hell the company had cooked up a few hours later. What I woke up to were three new iPhones and, well, … Continue reading iOS 12 and New iPhone Hardware Bring a Boost to Mobile AR

25th September 2018

One VR App Could Help Out People Scared of an MRI

I don’t fear a lot of things in life, but there are two evils on my list of irrational fears that cause cold sweats at the mere thought of them – heights and small space. While I’m not so claustrophobic that an elevator would give me pause, the idea of crawling into the medical monster … Continue reading One VR App Could Help Out People Scared of an MRI

24th September 2018

Jaunt’s New System Makes 3D Capture Easy

JauntVR has been around for some time, but some time ago they shifted their business model from one that dealt with the public directly to one that helps other companies succeed in their VR and AR projects. The company recently showed off some new toys that are going to become part of their Jaunt XR … Continue reading Jaunt’s New System Makes 3D Capture Easy

21st September 2018

Apple Buys Akonia Holographics

Oh Apple, everyone always gets excited even when you make a mere sneeze. The company has now reportedly bought up Akonia Holographics. An outfit which specialized in holographic waveguides and display elements. This is just the latest acquisition in a string of purchased hinting at VR and AR products on the horizon for the trillion-dollar … Continue reading Apple Buys Akonia Holographics

20th September 2018

Virtual Reality: what is it and why is it important to know about?

Virtual reality is essentially the use of technology to create the illusion of presence in an environment that isn’t really there. It works by sending information to various senses, such as sight and hearing, that fool our brains into experiencing something virtual. The illusion is often completed by the presence of interactivity, in other words the virtual world responds in some way to your presence.

Virtual Reality

Where to go from here?

If you are new to virtual reality (or just want a refresher) we suggest you start with our What is virtual reality?section for a more in-depth discussion of the topic. We look at practical examples and discuss the core technologies in a clear and simple way. Providing a solid foundation for further reading.

Virtual Reality

Pros and cons of virtual reality

We have series of articles about the various applications of this technology and the equipment used, for example, VR glasses (or goggles as they are sometimes called).

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