Virtual reality game companies

This article contains information about the big name players in the world of virtual reality gaming. These are companies who already lead the way in gaming as a whole so no surprise that they have decided to re-energise virtual reality.

Virtual reality was touted as the next big thing but hype won over substance. As a result of that it disappeared off the scene for several years but has made a comeback in the form of games consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox 360.

What about the Nintendo Wii? It consists of a wireless remote control – connected wirelessly to a console – which detects movements made by the player which enables them to become part of a game. But this does not make it a virtual reality game.

However, some people have decided to put this to the test and use the console to create a VR set up. One example is a desktop virtual reality display which is a combination of a Wii console with a TV set and a head tracking system to produce a virtual reality experience.

The big players (excuse the pun!) are:

  • Sony (PlayStation)
  • Microsoft (Xbox)
  • Nintendo (Wii)
  • Linden Labs (Second Life)
  • Electronic Arts (The Sims etc)

Many of you will be familiar with these companies especially if you are keen gamers!

One possibility is that of a PlayStation console (version 5 or 6) which allows you to experience a semi-immersive virtual reality experience. But that is some way off yet.

Again, watch this space. Keep an eye on what the big companies are doing as regards virtual reality gaming as there may be a few surprises.

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