Virtual reality educational games

Virtual reality educational games are used in a variety of learning situations which include e-learning, ICT training, ubiquitous games, e-readers and learn by playing.

They are popular with children who enjoy using the technology and have fun with it but are also engaged in learning as well. This is a highly visual way of teaching children about how things work as well as being able to express themselves. They can perform a range of tasks or activities which have an end goal but always with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

Teachers can assign tasks or homework to children that involve using virtual environments or virtual worlds such as Second Life. But do not be fooled into thinking that they are playing games: virtual reality educational games have a clear purpose and are designed to impart knowledge to children but in an innovative manner.

Plus there is the fact that today’s children are more tech-savvy than any other generation. As a teacher you may find that your students are more familiar with technology than you and will be teaching you a few things! So accept that today’s generation is tomorrow’s future technologists and computer scientists and engage with them via this medium sooner rather than later.

Examples of virtual reality educational games (H3)

What types of games are we talking about? There is a wide range to choose from which includes:

  • Spelling
  • Maths
  • History
  • English (e.g. grammar and punctuation)
  • Science

All of these games teach hand-eye coordination, motor skills, cognitive skills, e.g. memory, attention span etc and reasoning.

A major factor in all of this is motivation: it can be difficult keeping students motivated on a regular basis as this fluctuates for a variety of reasons. There are some children who are more motivated to work than others but it is the less motivated ones who need that extra encouragement.

However, one way of maintaining that engagement and motivation is through virtual reality games. This is particularly the case if they are avid gamers and spend hours each night on a games console, e.g. Xbox 360 or a computer. If they do then gaming technology can be a very good way for them to learn as they will find it easier to acquire the knowledge they need due to prior experience.

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