Virtual reality games for the PS3

Well, what can we say? We know that the Sony PS3 is a very popular games console which is played by millions of people around the world. Plus there are numerous games available for it.

In regards to virtual reality, Sony has developed a virtual reality ‘Personal Display’ which looks similar to the original VR eyewear but with an up to date twist. It also contains headphones which mean top quality sound as well as images.

But there is no definite date for their release onto the market so if you want to get your hands on this you will have wait for a bit longer.

However, according to the Games Radar site Sony are investing a great deal of time and money in virtual reality games (and glasses such as the one mentioned above). So watch this space.

Plus the next games console to come out of the Sony stable – the PS4 is likely to bring the world of virtual reality games that little bit nearer. Their developments into human movement and positioning within a virtual environment will increase the feeling of immersion which is a characteristic feature of virtual reality.

So, wait for the PS4 if you want to truly experience virtual reality gaming.

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